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Rose Forrest

What Chrimstmas For Everyone means to me

A friend said to me :You give up Christmas for volunteering on Christmas???Here is my answer. About 6 years ago I volunteered at Christmas For Everyone. I was assigned to work in the dining room. When I got there a line of families went around the building. I was surprised because they were drinking coffee and hot chocolate and eating pastries!!! They were smiling and chatting with each other. I went inside and the room was set up like a dining room. The buffet was beautiful, with Ham and turkey and all the trimmings. When the guests came inside each family received a gift and the children all received toys and even some bicycles . Then they went into the clothing room and took as much as they could of tenderly used clothing. By now I knew this is what I will do on Christmas. Outside were hairstylists who gave free dry haircuts and a photographer taking pictures of the families for them to take home! Then the singers started the singing of Christmas carols which guests joining in Can you imagine if Christmas For Everyone did not exist how sad it would be for over 3000 people not to celebrate? I am so thankful I am part of this on Christmas Day and hope to continue every year serving. This is my Christmas story and I am blessed to share it with you. Thanks to Mary Perez and all her angels who work so hard. Rose Forrest
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